Capa Vencarlo Barsavi was the leader of the criminal underworld of Camorr and was considered by many to have more power than Duke Nicovante himself.

Originally a member of the Therin Collegiate, he came to Camorr and began to build his reputation. Prior to his rule, there were over a hundred warring capas. In under four years, Barsavi had killed all competition and assumed complete control over Camorr's underworld, with every gang answering to him alone. Garristas were required to give him a percentage of their proceeds each week, or else risk a rather uncomfortable demise. Any deaths within the Capa's gangs had to be purchased from him, and in return Barsavi would give the garrista in question a shark's tooth, known as a death mark. Barsavi orchestrated the Secret Peace with Duke Nicovante, which would protect members of the nobility, government officials, and members of the watch.

Barsavi does most of his business in a retired hulk chained in the Wooden Waste, where he and his children reside. He and his wife had three children, Anjais, Pachero, and Nazca.

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