Elderglass is a material left behind by the Eldren that can be found in many human cities. It resembles glass, though it varies wildly in appearance, with everything from dark shades of scarlet to luminescent shades that glimmer even after dark. Elderglass is, to the best of human knowledge, indestructible, yet has proven versatile in its use- braided fibers of Elderglass are flexible enough to form rope bridges that span chasms that human engineers would be hard pressed to cover. Massive towers of Elderglass also stretch into the sky, impervious to even the harshest winds and storms. Some Elderglass, like that found in Camorr absorbs light by day and glows in the evening when the sun sets, during the time known as Falselight. Other Elderglass absorbs blood, as in the House of Glass Roses. The methods of creating Elderglass- or even manipulating what Elderglass the Eldren left behind- is currently beyond the knowledge of humanity.

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